Attractive female halfing, vivacious and lively DEAD


Female Lightfoot Halfling
Rogue 3 / Sorcerer 5 Chaotic Neutral
Origin: Luiren Representing Crow

Strength 10 (0)
Dexterity 19 (
Constitution 15 (2)
Intelligence 16 (
Wisdom 10 (0)
Charisma 18 (

Size: Small
Height: 3’ 2"
Weight: 32 lb
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Light Brown Long and Curly
Sect: Brandobaris

Total Hit Points: 42 Speed: 20 feet
Armor Class: 18 = 10 + 5 [dexterity] +2 [bracers of armour] +1 [small]
Touch AC: 16 Flat-footed: 11

Initiative modifier: + 9 = + 5 [dexterity] +4 [improved initiative]
Fortitude save: + 5 = 2 [base] + 2 [constitution] +1 [lightfoot halfling]
Reflex save: + 10 = 4 [base] + 5 [dexterity] +1 [lightfoot halfling]
Will save: + 6 = 5 [base] +1 [lightfoot halfling]
Attack (handheld): + 6 = 5 [base] +1 [small]
Attack (missile): + 11 = 5 [base] + 5 [dexterity] +1 [small]
Grapple check: + 0 = 4 [base] -4 [small]
Light load: 25 lb. or less
Medium load:26-50 lb.
Heavy load:50-75 lb.
Lift over head:75 lb.
Lift off ground:150 lb.
Push or drag:375 lb.

Common Damaran Dwarven Elven Halfling

Dagger [1d3, crit 19-20/x2, range inc 10 ft., 1/2 lb., light, piercing]
Javelin [1d4, crit x2, range inc 30 ft., 1 lb, piercing]
Shocking Sling +1 [1d3, crit x2, range inc. 50 ft., 0 lb, bludgeoning] +1d6 Elec Dam
Short Bow [D4, crit x3, range 60ft, 2lb, piercing]
Short Sword [1d4, crit 19-20/x2, 1/2 lb, light, piercing]

Improved Initiative
Magical Aptitude

Appraise Int 5 = +3 + 2
Balance Dex* 7 = +5 + 2
Bluff Cha 8 = +4 + 4
Climb Str* 5 = +0 + 3 +2 [halfling]
Concentration Con 6 = +2 + 4
Craft_1 – Wood Carving Int 3 = +3
Decipher Script Int 5 = +3 + 2
Diplomacy Cha 7 = +4 + 3
Disable Device Int 13 = +3 + 10
Disguise Cha 4 = +4
Escape Artist Dex* 8 = +5 + 3
Forgery Int 3 = +3
Gather Information Cha 6 = +4 + 2
Heal Wis 0 = +0
Hide Dex* 16 = +5 + 7 +4 [small]
Intimidate Cha 6 = +4 + 2
Jump Str* -4 = +0 +2 [halfling] -6 [speed 20]
Knowledge (arcana) Int 7 = +3 + 4
Listen Wis 12 = +0 + 8 +2 [halfling] +2 [alertness]
Move Silently Dex* 13 = +5 + 6 +2 [halfling]
Perform_1 – Sing Cha 10 = +4 + 6
Ride Dex 5 = +5
Search Int 6 = +3 + 3
Sense Motive Wis 4 = +0 + 4
Sleight of Hand Dex* 7 = +5 + 2
Spellcraft Int 8 = +3 + 3 +2 [magical aptitude]
Spot Wis 5 = +0 + 3 +2 [alertness]
Survival Wis 0 = +0
Swim Str** 0 = +0
Tumble Dex* 9 = +5 + 4
Use Magic Device Cha 10 = +4 + 4 +2 [magical aptitude]
Use Rope Dex 5 = +5


Without a doubt it was in my youth that the wanderlust first rose up and took hold of me heart and soul. My feet would seek out those paths to take me from the cultivated lands to the rugged lands around before the encroaching wild forests whose shadowy fingers would reach out at twilight as if to grab the land during the hours of night. When I first began to form magics it was clear I was destined for more then could be contained within the comfortable lands of my people which led me to follow the childhood dream of so many, I ran away with a travelling circus!

The circus was quick to make use of my fledgling magical talents, I would juggle glowing orbs to entertain children or produce ethereal music to accompany dancers but soon enough my natural agility was put to use in simple tumbling routines or even acrobatic displays. When I began to combine both I was elevated to the status of a true performer!

It was fine fortune indeed when the company was joined by a married couple who would take me under their wings and nurture my gifts. Elera the Enchantress was an enigmatic half-drow whose continually smiling disposition others found unnerving in contrast her husband, Wilheim the Cat, was a dour human with stern dark eyes. Between them they showed me that the speed and control of the mind are key to many things in life.

Years passed as my mentors and I journeyed with the circus, adventure seeming to follow us wherever we might set camp. I was eighteen when I watched Wilheim die at the hands of a twisted necromancer who had sought out the couple in revenge for their actions in preventing some evil plot. My dagger was his last sight. After we had lain Wilheim to rest Elera explained that they had long been members of the fabled Harpers society working to maintain the balance of the world.

With Wilheim gone both Elera and I lost our joy in the free wandering life of the circus so together we journeyed far across the land to the legendary city of Waterdeep. Still under Eleras’ tutelage I helped her to build some kind of life in the teaming streets and bustling markets of that city but all too soon the wind was calling me once more to the road.

Heavy in heart I gathered my meagre possessions, placed a parting kiss on Eleras’ smooth grey cheek and set out alone with a thought to prove myself, perhaps one day to be offered a position within the august Harpers Society.

In my wanderings I have seen much, from the silver of the moon dancing on the Icy seas of the far North to the jungles which breathe a mist that rises as if to salute the dawn. While combat raged all around I witnessed a savage mountain orc give its life to defend a human child from berserk dwarven raiders, and I myself have put an end to a cult of halflings who ambushed travellers to feed upon their flesh. Perhaps it is suffice to say little remains that would surprise me.

Most recently I have undertaken an inquiry that takes me to the northern mountains of Damara and the hamlet of Borovia that lies near the river Tser. My first impressions of this land are not good, an unsettling mist creeps everywhere but there is something else that is responsible for the prickling in the hairs of my feet.

In Borovia itself I was much gladdened to see the warmth and light of a tavern, apparently THE tavern, at Borovias centre. Intriguingly the locals assumed I was a Vistani, a tribe of wandering entertainers, and seemed happy to share with me tales of a group who had arrived in the village and freed them from a plague of walking dead while bringing new spirit to the noble family responsible for overseeing the area. By the laudations of the locals I am intrigued, such noble allies as these may prove of great assistance. To try and rally the spirits of these bedraggled people I took to a table and began to sing while causing balls of shifting coloured lights to dance about the room, with laments on my lips the orbs became sedate and moved in courtly measured movements in imitation of dancers from noble houses, the more raucous the song the more chaotically the spheres moved bouncing off beams and flitting about lanterns. As I brought my act to a close the spheres merged into one shifting globe that erupted in a shower of harmless coloured sparks.


Expedition To Castle Ravenloft - Forgotten Realms Crowshadower